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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial VII – The Pen Tool

Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice Christmas and are enjoying the holiday season. I sure am. This might not be the best time, but I hope that you guys/gals can take out some time and do some ‘Photoshop-ing’ maybe. 😛 The last tutorial...


Adobe Photoshop Tutorial IV: Photo Manip

Aloha my designer friends! Welcome to yet another Photoshop tutorial. I hope you are having a fun time playing around with the software and hopefully have understood the basics by now. The last few tutorials have been covering certain specific...


Adobe Photoshop Tutorial II: Text Winding

Hey all! Welcome to the second tutorial of your Photoshop classes. Firstly, let me again apologize for the heaviness and the difficulty of the last tutorial. I should have started off with something easier maybe. Just look into that tutorial...