Vaanya Kathuria is a student, currently pursuing B.Sc. (H) in Mathematics. Apparent from her choice of the subject she is majoring in, she loves to solve puzzles and brainteasers in her free time. She is an avid follower of fiction and is nuts about anything even remotely poetic. She is a professional freelance content writer and is intensely passionate about writing. Most of her time is devoted to Internet where she tries to make the most out of it, for personal as well as professional purposes.


The Dream

The Dream   Almost every girl, more or less, shares the same dream. The dream to find the man of her dreams. As we evolve from kids to teenagers, the dream starts, and as we further evolve from...

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Guest Post: The Angel

The silken curtain shifted a little As the midnight struck. The moonless night with studded skies, Revealing some brother’s luck, Was cast open, with hundred eyes Set gazing on it. As his body,...

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Guest Post: Dawn and Dusk

From yonder hill arises a ray, beautiful and single, A ray of weakened strength, yet raring to mingle With rays, arising moments later, a few more and many more, Repelling the haze to create a...