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VIDIT CHOPRA Founder and Lead Author
Vidit Chopra On Facebook a.k.a. VC , a keen observer is currently pursuing engineering from one those thousands colleges out there which are spilling out lacs and lacs of engineers even though many of them aren’t worth it. He loves to write and is published author with his first novel, “The Fanatic Four” being published a couple of years back. He is currently working on a couple more as well. He is a lover of technology and sports so most of the posts from him will be related to the mentioned fields apart from posting about life about which he loves to talk about. His philosophies are rarely understood and many of them are misunderstood as well. Keep up with the ‘Life’ page on the blog to know more about it. You sure will have a word to say on what he has to say for the world we live in. You can catch him on facebook  here . You can also follow him on twitter here.
SANCHIT MALHOTRA Co-Owner,  Site Administrator and Casual Author 
Sanchit Malhotra on Facebook a.k.a. SM is currently pursuing Engineering in Computer Science. He is a happy go lucky type, a great public entertainer, a person who wants to enjoy every bit of his life following the quote “for who knows when it ends.” HE likes listening to Music with a well shuffled playlist with songs from almost every origin. People around him feel that he is pretty much well organized and that is the reason why he is also given the responsibility to make this place look attractive and well organized.”Do share with us your opinions and suggestions to make Observer’s Paradise a better place to express one’s thought and opinions. ” Is his message to the readers. You can friend him on facebook  here  and on twitter  here .
TANMAY JALAN Site Administrator and Casual Author
Tanmay Jalan on Facebook a.k.a TJ is the site admin and the one who has done most of the work the programming and implementing the approved design. He is too busy working on the site so much so that he just didn’t have time to write a small bio for himself. So we wait for him to give us one. Till then you can find him of the same social networking website like the rest  here .
GAURAV AWAL   Co-Owner, Editor and Lead Author (Technology)
Gaurav Awal on Facebook a.k.a Awal loves gadgets, movies, sports and music and that is most probably the reason that he is a key man who is going to post a lot especially in all the forums he just named. He too is a ‘take it as it comes’ kind of a guy. He, as per me holds the record for watching the maximum number of movies in a week, at least in our team!
A word from him ‘Enjoy your stay at OP. We love our readers, you make us feel blessed’.
You can catch him on facebook  here .
SACHIN LOOTHRA Lead Author (Photoshop Tutorials & Games)
Sachin Loothra on Facebook a.k.a. Tichkule is a friendly guy and he gets along pretty well with others. He is easy to gel with. Gaming is his passion and he has been following it since the age of 10. Apart from gaming, he loves programming (C/C++), wesbite designing (HTML/CSS) and photoshop-ing (vectors, logos, collages etc).
At OP, he will be covering the updates for Games and Tech forums. Apart from that, I’ll be helping in the designing of logos/banners for the site. “Suggestions and feedbacks are always welcomed.” You can catch him  here :D .
GAURAV KUMAR PRASAD Lead Author (Cricket)
Gaurav Prasad on Facebook a.k.a. GKP when asked to write about himself he was a bit confused on how to begin and it took him almost fifteen minutes to come up with the first line! Brave enough to admit is what I would say because I am pretty sure it would have happened with a couple of others as well. He is the modest one and as he said, “I will just keep this short and sweet.” Currently pursuing my computer science engineering he is for sure included in the list of millions who are fascinated by sports. Needless to say, being an Indian, he is a huge fan of cricket as cricket virtually flows through the veins of all Indians! Apart from this, he generally likes to spend his time reading novels ,watching movies, etc, activities of a normal college going guy. If there is something that he want to learn, it would have to be  musical instrument he says. ” O bserver’s Paradise is a great platform to express thoughts/opinions for everyone!” Are his words for our readers. You can catch him  here
ARPIT VERMA Lead Author (Football)
Arpit Verma on Facebook a.k.a. VerArp has always found great pride in dismantling just about every electronic gadget he gets his hands on and rarely re assembling it. An ardent fan of manchester united, he has been with the reds for 14 years now and its come to a point where that’s the only relationship that matters. To tell the world, he is doing aerospace engineering but spends most of his time checking out random things on the internet. A Tech reviewer by profession he can be found at  BlogTechnika . You can add him on facebook where he may pretend to be busy, but in fact never is!
Adesh Prasad –  Lead Author (Movies)
Adesh Prasad on Facebook A Word from the man himself :
I look down upon people who have no taste and who try to defend it by saying it’s subjective. I treat those like insects who like to celebrate kitsch, mediocrity and downright ludicrous. I find it hard to argue or talk to those who don’t value reason and who don’t behave their age. I despise the quality of films and (most of the popular) music in our country. I hate the ugliness displayed with pomp and show all through Bombay in forms of diverse posters and billboards and of course the dreadful architecture of our cities which will probably take longer than our lifetime to get refurbished. I get tired of and hate working with those who lack courage, honesty, foresight, a will to work hard and inability to see what’s apparent. I love (in spite of everything) Bombay, films, music, monsoons, my family and that someone special. And although I am an atheist (not a militant one yet) but I still have not been able to give up my habit of saying oh god! and thank god! every now and then. I crib, I might pooh pooh everything but I’m still an optimist, and (mostly) compassionate and in process of acquiring a habit of reading regularly.I started working as a (bad) graphic designer then (largely) wrote for television (mostly insignificant) and now I am working as a first assistant director in films. I have finished writing an unproduced screenplay and presently writing one of my own based on a novel called Above Average by Amitabha Bagchi.
ISHAAN VERMA Lead Author (App Reviews) 
Ishaan Verma on Facebook a.k.a. Verish, a name that suits him well. He is the youngest amongst us and at the age of 13 is one of the youngest tech reviewers, youngest amongst the people I know! He is a lover of technology and sports as well which is the reason his posts will be related to the said fields, more on the technology bit for he loves playing sports more than writing about them! He is studying at Latymer School, London. He is a member of his local cricket team and also a nifty football player. Apart from sports and technology he spends his time playing Viola and by the day he is getting better at it. At OP he will be writing about, as stated above app reviews and a bit of sports.
ABHISHEK UNNIKRISHNAN Lead Author (Python Tutorials)
Abhishek on Facebook a.k.a Encounter Shankar, a Computer Engineering student. He Loves programming, enthusiatic in learning new programming laanguages, always trying to program something new and complex . Well other than computer’s he also loves to listen music ,watching movies and playing stratergic and fps games.
SUMIT ANAND –  Lead Author (Basket Ball)
Sumit Anand on Facebook Coming up soon!!
PIYA SETH Lead Author (Lifestyle)
Piya Seth on Facebook a.k.a. PS  says “I am soon turning a major and that’s interesting in my life for now. I write but I don’t think that can do anything more than, the reader saying “wow that’s a good thought” . I want to be a good citizen of my country. “It wont change anything here” some may say and I am not saying they are wrong nor am i being a pessimist, but before being positive we need to accept the reality , I want this reality of my country to change. I want to be a journalist and dig the reality of everything and bring it in sight of “the people”.bill gates said  show people the problems and show them the solutions and they will be moved to act ” After reading her bio you would have realized that she would be working on our Life forum and might post some of her mesmerizing poetry as well.
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