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How To make torrent sites work in India!

So we believe most of you are aware that torrent sites are blocked in India and that’s the reason you would have searched up for a way, a work around to make torrent site work and hence you have landed on this page. Yesterday, the court ordered to ban all torrent websites in India and ever since, once you open any torrent website such as or or likewise, you receive a message which says “Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders”.

In the age of computers and internet, it is impossible, well, almost impossible to censor data and ‘block’ things. So after a bit of research, which surely didn’t take more than ten minutes, we were able to find the work around to make torrent sites work in India.

Here is how you do it:

    1. Download Hotspot Shield VPN software from here.
    2. Once you are done downloading the software, tap on the downloaded file and install hotspot shield on your computer.
    3. Once you are finished installing Hotspot Shield, on the bottom right of your screen, hotspot shield will start connecting to create a VPN. If not you will get a window like this:
    4. Tap on the connect icon to connect to the VPN. It will start connecting and the window will appear like this:
    5. Once connected you will get a window like this:
    6. As soon as you will be connected to Hotspot Shield, a new window will open in your browser. Here you will be prompted to select if you want to use Hotspot Shield for free i.e. a couple of ads will pop up here and there while you are connected to it. If you are rich enough you can buy the ad free version as well. We would recommend you to select the free one though for the ads aren’t annoying.
    7. Once you are done you can open or any equivalent torrent website and it will go from looking like this:
    8.  To working normally just like this:
    9. That’s about it, you can now use any torrent website normally and download the torrent while you are connected using Hotspot Shield.
    10. Download the torrent file you are looking for and after downloading, disconnect hotspot shield from the task bar of your computer. 
    11. Open the torrent file in utorrent or any such equivalent torrent client and you VIOLA! you will be able to download your torrent!
      That’s about it! So happy downloading and enjoy usage of unrestricted torrent websites! 

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  • Johndoe

    Or just use https:// instead of http:// in front of the URL and the site will work.

    • Vidit Chopra

      This is not working on All ISPs!

    • Kashyap Rathod

      it works but is it secure??
      before i changed the DNS address to – and it worked but then stopped
      so i tried ur way nd it wrks…yhanxx buddy – kashyap

  • Mrmarcus11

    site will open but downloading will not  

    • Vidit Chopra

      The Download works.

  • Countme_in

    just open it in incognito window of your browser. it works!

    • Vidit Chopra

      Again, some ISPs have a descent enough brain of knowing how to block it. They haven’t done it full proof just yet though hence there are work arounds but if they do block them out, VPN is the safest way of being able to use them.

  • Nayan

    Sir whoever you are thank you very much you are too good awesome blog and so easy to understand.
    Thank you so much please keep up the good work

  • Dvbs Sriharsha2

    Thank you very very very very very very much sir i will be so thankful to you

  • Arif

    thanks dude you are helping hell lotta ppl out here.F****ng government must first stop their own ppl who watch porn in assemblies.F**k u leaders F**k u to the core.

  • Harman Singh

    Superb it worked :)

  • Suttu


  • Joe

    Guys,I am using Asianet broadband from Kerala.I am usimg mturrent also..what the problem is i entered pirate bay using proxy and downloded the torrent file…But its downloding very very slowly.about 0.3kbps etc..:(I dont know whats the problem..I have enjoyed good speed before the bann..pls give any solution.

    • Vidit Chopra

      That’s the thing with proxy servers! They slow down the speed. It is really important to get hold of a good proxy server. Most of them are slow. Try using VPN Shield, the method described in the post. It too decreases speed but it is enough to download the torrent in one go.

      • Santhosh Kumar


        I’d got 4.5Mb speed in torrents when i connected using VPN Sheild (Asianet Broadband), But thats it, after 2 days it all gone upside down and now when i connect VPN sheld it got frequest disconnects and Torrents are no more working

  • Deepak

    Not able to download in utorrent

    • Vidit Chopra

      Did you Disconnect from VPN after downloading the torrent file? If not, then disconnect and try again. Also, make sure you have downloaded a torrent that has enough seeds to connect to. P2P is all about the number of people seeding a file. Check some other torrent file. This method works!

  • Sal Brocklehurst

    yes you can

  • Vivienne Russler

    I do find it irresistible!
    But is kind of.. often the same in every established…