Google’s Project Glass!

So Google has finally started working on one of the biggest technological advancement as per us. No, let me put it this way. Google has finally started working on what we think has been the biggest technological advancement in the past few years. We are talking about Augmented Reality.

A couple of weeks back we gave you on What is Augmented Reality. Today, we are here to gladly give you the news that Google is working on a project which they have termed as Project Glass. The basic idea behind the project is the development of wearable glasses that are nothing but Augmented Reality glasses. What these glasses do is scan the area around and using Augmented Reality technology (consult the post if you are unaware of what it actually is) to guide you and let you do a number of things that you would take out your smartphone for. 

Here is the video that Google posted to explain more about the concept, what is the basic idea that they have in mind and what all they believe can be implemented:

Surprised? Shocked? Amazed?

We were all three of them at the same time but given that we had a fair bit of idea of what Augmented Reality is, we recovered pretty quickly. As for Google’s Project Glass, we all know when google does something, it does so with a lot of style and with a lot of effort put into their products by their elite team of developers. 

As for the current state of Project Glass, it’s still an idea and requires a lot of time for implementation for sure but who can you trust if not Google to come up with such a revolutionary technology.  Even though it’s not been long since April Fool’s Day so one can expect them to be fooling you yet again and yet we want to believe that they do build and work on this technology for this is totally worth it and totally amazing!

You can get more details on Project Glass here.

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