Book Review: The Quest for nothing!

The Quest for nothing is written by Anurag Anand and this is the author’s fourth book followed by books that also dealt with a fusion of self help and fiction.

In a bite,the story revolves around the life of Akash, starting from the point when he has just finished his MBA. He gets a job and meets a girl called Deepali, who in numerous ways, is the oppossite of Akash. Akash is seen as a loner who keeps to himself most of the times.On the other hand,Deepali is a cute,bubbly girl whose childish antics and humorous anecdotes always manage to keep Akash calm. For a change, this love story had nothing to do with two lover meeting, then falling apart and finally dying with their hands entangled with each other.After they get married, Akash and Deepali move to Mumbai where both of them find a job which they have always desired.They are ecstatic with the present state of their lives as they manage to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives.But somehow, both of them begin to take each other for granted. What initally was cute and kiddish about Deepali beings to irritate Akash. Deepali’s habit of surprising Akash by planning something miraculous went for a toss and in his presence she transformes into a much more mature version of her. Later on Akash receives an offer to work in another company based in Gurgaon which meant that he would be forced to leave her behind. Thus they begin to work on a long distance relatioship which further deterioates their bond. Soon after, Akash finds himself in a fix which threatens to destroy his career. Now I am not going to let the cat out of the bag and tell you what happenned because that’s something that you would have to read!

A contemporary love story but it just lacks the spark which is required in a book. Yes, it has it’s good parts. The love story is pretty simple and cute and ton times better than all the fancy teenage love stories which are now the flavour of the season! But then it somehow loses it’s speed and it’s grace inbetween. This opinion comes from me and honestly I am not a huge fan of reading love stories. It’s just the fact that out market seems to be flooding with them at the moment! The theme of the book is pretty mature that brings into account the recent trend of choosing career over relationships.The characters felt real enough and the narration was up to the task as well. It was just the minor flaws in the story which brings the book down by a couple of notches!

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