FREE Book giveaway: Faceless by Tapan Ghosh

How is everyone doing today?

It’s time to for yet another contest which, well, isn’t much of a contest but more of a free give away of a book entitled “Faceless”!

So if you are a reader and would love to get a free copy of the book leave a message with your email id as a comment below and we will revert back to you as soon as possible!

To help you decide if you want to have it (even though there shouldn’t be a problem given that it’s free of cost and will be delivered right at your doorstep!), here is a small little blurb of the book:

About the Book:

“Dildo in a bin! Who put it in?” Embarrassed about mistaking a vibrator for a bomb, Khush and his anti-terror squad go about looking for the owner of the pleasure tool. Khush and Shom have been friends since childhood. In their forties now, they love to swing to latino beats in Mumbai’s nightclubs. Shom, the reticent one, is very different from the flamboyant Khush. Everything changes when Shom meets Raima. Their sensual yet spiritual love is separated by age, wealth and background. Shom throws caution to the wind and meets life head on, choosing honesty over hypocrisy. It’s a Love Story emerging in the contemporary world of wealth, lust and power, like the freshness of the lotus flowering in stagnant waters. Raima, a victim of circumstance, is exposed to the world very early in life and as such she is tough, sharp and street smart. She is the soul of the book. Faceless is the story of love and passion so powerful, so pure, that we live it with Shom and Raima.

Seems intriguing doesn’t it?

So if you are interested in having a copy of the book, leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We only have a limited stock available with us so HURRY and get your free copy of the book delivered right at your doorstep absolutely free of cost!


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  • Jdpchatterjee7

    Seems interesting

  • guest

    would love to read !!!
    kapsdewade@yahoo:twitter .com

  • Akhilbirdime

    i am gonna read it.. if i am not getting it from here then i am gonna buy it.. but surely i am gonna read it

  • https://twitter.com/iqjunior Ivan Quadras

    Looks like a good read on a cold night! iqjunior@gmail.com and I’d love to have this book in my collection

  • Priyankadey


    Looking forward to read the book and review it on my blog too!

  • Sourik Syed

    hmm,that little teaser certainly piqued my interest.looking forward to reading it.

  • Harish

    Looks Like I Can Grab A Copy Too….   harish2105.mba@gmail.com

  • Mayank

    hope i get it..


  • Lav Kr

    i luv love stories…….. i wanna read it!!!!!!

  • Mrutunjay_yadav

    i wanna explore the literature with a zeal……seems fascinating at first glance

  • Mrutunjay_yadav
  • Akash

    mail it to me too


  • Nimi Vashi

    hEY SOUNDS VERY INTERESTING…feel like reading it….My email id is nimivashi15@gmail.com…thnx

  • http://www.facebook.com/tridibghosh1986 Tridib Ghosh

    The sounds interesting. I think this a book I should look forward to read. Looking forward to grab a copy…tridib.dib@gmail.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/dipankar.chakravarty Dipankar Chakravarty

    woah..!! sounds kewl..the amalgamation of love and sensuality seems to be perfect match for a blockbuster..
    hi5 to tapan for the epitome of love and passion…
    @ dipankar.bhargav@gmail.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/dipankar.chakravarty Dipankar Chakravarty

    woah..!! sounds kewl..the amalgamation of love and sensuality seems to be perfect match for a blockbuster..
    hi5 to tapan for the epitome of love and passion…
    @ dipankar.bhargav@gmail.com

  • Abhishek Parikh

    The synopsis is pretty interesting… and yup… the start is surely a hook… hope to read it if this is not a joke.  

  • Anita mourya

    me too

  • Anita mourya
  • http://www.facebook.com/kundan1991 Kundan Kumar

    seems interesting and exciting too…. lets see what it delivers …….

  • Vaun sharma

    i love reading :-) my email id is – varun.kewl@gmail.com

  • Meet Kaur

    Hi! I’d welcome a good read with open arms any day!


  • http://musenmotivation.wordpress.com Shailraghuvanshi

    Would love to read and review it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dave220234 Aman Jangra

    WOULD LOVE TO READ THIS BOOK AND REVIEW it ……looking forward to have it

  • Rohit Yadav

    the short review is pretty interesting..guess it will be a good read :)

  • anonymous

    would like to give it a try

  • Priyanka Dey


    I am a book reviewer.Would Love to review the book.
    My id is priyankadey90@gmail.com

  • Hitesh Bali97

    I would love to read your book…great step
    Hitesh Bali

  • Gaurav garg

    I would love to read this book and would definitely go for its review !!|

    Gaurav Garg

  • Gaurav garg

    hey i really want to read this book and would definitely go for a review !!

    my id is gauravgarg7790@gmail.com

  • Supriya Dhaliwal

    This book is something off the convictions! Would love to read it :) :)
    Here’s my e-mail ID- supriyadhaliwal23@gmail:disqus .com 
    Looking forward for your reply.

  • Arpita Singh

    i would relly lyk to read dis book..!!
    the story seemz really intersting..!!!
    my id :- arpita51195@rediffmail:disqus.com
    eagerly luking foward for ur reply..! :0 :) :0

  • Tanvi

    Would love to read and definitely review it, and i also also post all my reviews as various sites.Tanvi

  • Sunithatalipady

    wouldnt I be happy to read dis book,,,,I love books,,,,sunithatalipady@yahoo:disqus .co.in…..could I please have a copy…:)

  • Vidit Chopra

    You all are kindly requested to check your email id’s. Emails were sent to you almost a week back and we have received around 10 replies. The books will be sent to the ones who have replied to the mail soon. The rest, kindly key in a reply ASAP!

  • nikkey

    can I also get a chance to read this book 

    my id is aspirantnikkey29@gmail.com

  • Ssuresha

    Yes this is the book I want to read. It sounds very exciting a love story, very different and original not the run of the mill types. could you please send me a copy. ssuresha@gmail.com

  • shalabh

    waiting for the book….

  • Lal

    I want to read this book and would like you to send it.

  • Poonam

    hi , i am an ardent reader…. and i really want to read the book…. the synopsis sounds interesting and funny…. my email id is poonamashru@rediffmail.com , thanks looking forward to the book :)

  • http://mukeshrijhwani.wordpress.com/ Mukesh

    assure you to write an honest review – @mukeshrijhwani:disqus 

  • Anuj Kabra

    HI vidit, I read 40-50 page of this book and i am impresed by the character of Raima.Please kindly mail a copy of the book to monu.kabra@gmail.com as soon as posible.Thanking you for your efforts.

  • Apurv19verma

    interest arouse from the first line:)…and i want to read it now in any cost and will definitely review it and post ma comments too. This is Apurv Verma.
    email is : apurv19verma@gmail.com

  • Neda Blumhardt

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    Seriously, how could you omit deviantART muro? htttp://muro.deviantart.com

  • Burt Aihara

    I’m a bit late in joining, but I’m ready to begin!

  • Alease Fasci

    I’m not sure if my subscription info came by way of to you nor am I clear how to pay the $5.00.
    Thanks this is a excellent idea if I can connect! Judy