Strangers to being close friends

From strangers to being close friends… being strangers. Again!

The topic of this post is one thing that I am sure almost everyone who may or may not read this post has gone through in his or her life!
It’s a fact of life and everyone faces it over and over again. Here are the various situations when one goes through the whole process of being from close friends to being strangers, again!
1. Moving from one place to another, shifting homes or shifting cities.
2. Transition from school to college or from school to school!
So today is that day when I remember all my friends, close friends, dear friends, I have lost on the way.
I remember thatĀ friend in my kinder garden class who told the teacher that I wasn’t able to see the board clearly and eventually led me to wearing spectacles at as small an age.
I remember thatĀ friend with whom I used to spend my whole day, playing cricket to every indoor and outdoor game and seldom ending up fighting yet the next morning finding him or myself at one of our houses repeating the whole process again
That friend who was a neighbour and my kite flying buddy for years but was lost on the way, his destiny being in the way.
I remember that friend who was my seat partner for three consecutive years yet a minor set back in his exam result and a major flaw in the education system made him go away.
I remember that friend who was my ultimate sports competition at school yet one of the best buddies. Again, the education system making him go away.
I remember that pool of my neighbors with whom I had a wonderful youth.
I remember that friend who was my first crush. It was more of an eye thing rather than a heart thing.
I remember that friend who was as silent as I usually am yet the only one who understood silence.
I remember that friend who was the first one I met in my new school and was the reason I was able to survive through my senior secondary.
I remember that friend who was the first one I saw in my first bus trip to my new school and wished to talk to. It was a confusing feeling with her though! It was
not an eye thing, may be a heart thing but still always don’t work out.
I remember that friend who was the nerd yet humble whenever he spoke.
I remember that whole batch with whom I spent eleven years of my schooling and the chosen few with whom I elected to spend the remaining two.
Soon, it will be time I will be remembering my friends at college, as a good memory or a bad memory remains to be seen.
There is this thing about memories, no matter good or bad, every time you remember a something about it surely brings a smile to your face!
It’s the day I remembered the friends I have lost on the way and it’s that feeling where I have smile across my face yet my eyes are filled with tears remembering the ones I have lost and on the thought that I soon might loose some more.
It’s time you too remember the ones you have lost. It’s time you too remember what they did and cry with a smile on your face!

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